Robert Lawson Brown

Welcome to my personal vanity web site. I publish this as a means to provide expanded general information about myself to social media and other venues.

My Story

I am a physicist, (U.Va. Ph.D. 1978). I am half experimentalist, half theorist, half mathematician, and half computer programmer. I know that adds up to two persons, but over my career I actually just do two of the four activities at any given time.

I have worked in atomic studies, condensed matter, magnetic properties, semiconductor optics, plasma etching, semiconductor process development, metrology, and computer programming.

I flatter myself by thinking I have some modest skill with photography/videography, image manipulation, scientific visuallization, and virtual worlds.

I wrote my first program in Fortran, during September of 1969, using Hollerith card input, and impact printer output, with a big basement filling Burroughs mainframe sitting inbetween, 56K of workspace. My most recent stuff was written in Python using an iMac 3.3 GHz Intel Core i5 with 32 GB, with production code transferred to Linux servers. In the years from then to now, I have mucked about with Basic, Forth, Pascal, Prolog, Java, and Javascript. I have begun my dive into Swift